TinderLet me here convey my own experience of using Tinder. It is a simple, easy, attractive and intelligent app to find the date you have ever stargazed. You can simply tap the screen to commence the quest. So let’s talk about some of the most prominent features of the app. First of all, like all other apps that are uses for similar purposes, it comes up with some fundamental tools such as creating profile, searching a good mate and similar others.  So the first and foremost credit that I would give to the app is that of its simplicity.

It’s not like other social networking platforms as it serves the niche purpose of finding a date. The interface of the Tinder app is just amazing. The interface makes it easy to commence making friends and dating. The distinctive feature in the app is its ability to find out people on the basis of proximity, nearness and location. It would often notify when a prospective date is nearby my location. This is likeable feature. I am able to seek out the people I want to be friends with even in the strangest parts of my country.  I would like to pay homage to the developers of the app for this wonderful feature. The app allows me to know who has just viewed my profile and also amasses profiles for me that it considers are worth viewing.

Every other day many a people join the network through app. So the networking is increasing day by day providing me with ever increasing choice. Well it is good to choose from so much but there should also be a way to limit the search. There should be a feature which would allow only certain people or profiles to be displayed. I can buy and send numerous gifts though app which further strengthens the relations. There are many gifts.  The app also updates regularly. Now let’s view the shortcomings of the Tinder app. Alas! It is not without those drawbacks that obstruct an app becoming most favorite and most wanted. First of all it does not offer any option of making a video or voice call.

Before plunging into a real date it is essential to know each other and in this regard such features are of utmost importance. Dating is a risky thing for me and having such features in my app would mitigate risk factors. The other thing that vexes me out is divagating from the right path. Sometimes while searching, I often come across such undesirable material which I would not like to see there. Another point is that of creativity. It comes up with limited tools that can really give it ingenuity. There should be a romantic and becharming background music while chatting. Such themes should be provided to make chatting more coaxing. They should increase such tools and paraphernalia. Crashes are now and then also there. The team should eradicate smaller problems in the next update.

Summing up the whole, I would rank the app average. I think there is lot of room for improvement and hope that they will ameliorate it.
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