Smash Hit

Smash Hit

Many of these games, which are now-days available as apps on android phones, were in existence from a long time. These were earlier played on computers but with the new technology, one gets to play them on their smart phones.  Out of the various games, which are available online, only a few gain the interest of the people and one such gaming app is Smash Hit. Developed by Mediocre AB, this game is the favourite game of many people and is played  across the globe.

Smash Hit is quite an interesting game, which is also different from other games. The game has an uniqueness which cannot be seen in other games of the same genre. The game is also well accepted among adults. This is also quite an addictive game and one can go on playing for hours together without even a small break. Smash Hit as a game also improves concentration and timing. The game involves hitting the objects, usually glass objects, which come in the player’s path and needs to break free.

The game play is made more interesting with some amazing graphics and sound effects. Great animations while the objects break are an added feature of this game.  The colours and the backgrounds used are equally appealing. The basic version of the game is free to download but the paid version is indeed worth each penny spent on it. There are few who prefer to play with the free version for a while and then go ahead to download the paid  version.

The Game gets exiting with every stage and it is also quite enthralling to see a tiny set of balls moving in the air and hitting the objects. The game can be played with one finger or more. This is a single player game and each game lasts until the balls do not break any objects. The player then needs to start the game all over again. It is also not easy to make a high score and hence players often tend to play this game again and again to make a new score every time. In simple words, it can be said that the players always compete against oneself to reach a new benchmark every time.

Smash Hit is available for download through iTunes and can be played on iPhone and iPad. This can also be played on the latest iPhone 5 as well as any smart phone, which has the Android OS. For those who do not have iTunes, they can download  through  Google Play Store. So, what are you waiting for,  time to spend it with Smash Hit!

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