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OkCupid DatingOkCupid Dating is another app used for finding a date. Though there is much to improve yet i have liked the app and thumbs up for the app. First thing that I would like to mention is that it’s not that sort of social media like Facebook or Google+ which are more wider in dimension as it is solely used for dating purposes. It has a propensity for finding a right date in the town. Therefore, its intended use is also different. The app rightly serves the purpose.

Let’s discuss its distinguishing features and evaluate it. Making connections through it is really easy and fast. With few touches I can develop a connection with the required date. If you are of the view that saving time is in fact saving money for you then the agile app has ability to execute tasks within seconds. I would also give credit to its charming interface which makes the work simpler. Search has also been made simple and easy. I deem OkCupid Dating app very smart in perspective of search. Special match is a splendid search option that has been made part of the app by the developers. It gives result in percentage of matching and mismatch. It becomes easier to make decision when percentage is use for comparison.

Well the app is smart in this regard as there are fewer circumstances in which I wander off the path while searching. The app is also smart as it carefully notes the elements which would be most important for finding a date. The notifications here are really helpful. The simple and smooth interface helps me in viewing different things at one go such as who has viewed my profile and of which profile should I take a look. The app gives me greater sense of relief when I update my profile through it. As   have to update my profile so often. Up till now the app holds good reputation so I would say the app is really useful and helpful. Another likeable feature of app is to view other’s profile while remaining invisible.

This feature is good for me as I am often unwilling to unveil myself. Rating is another feature that comes up with the app. I can rate others as others can rate me. This also assists in developing a new relation because you would often go for a person who gives you highest rating. Now let me discuss some of the flaws and shortcomings. It is not free. In the economy where inflation is on the trend of up and up, money is the thing which pinches the most. They should at least make access of basic features free. They should also introduce updates regularly. Updates often come so late and many times the problems that are faced in the previous versions still persist in the newer versions. New themes should be contrived now and then so that using the app over and over does not make it tawdry. Video call option and voice call option should also be made part of the OkCupid Dating app.
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