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Flow FreeThere are many new games which are daily added already to the vast variety of games. Universe of smart phone games is expending with the passage of time. But in this stupendous universe, few games have ability to rise at the summit while many games are lost in the contest. I am addicted to games and smart phone games are sort of panacea for me. So here I express my views on this new game.

Ok let’s begin. I start from the outlook of the game. Its sleek, smooth, elegant and glossy visuals are impressive. First impression is the last impression and statement holds quite true vis-à-vis graphics. If graphics of any game are not impressive no matter how much game is good at rest. Sleek and smooth graphics augment the attractiveness. Now let me talk about game-play. The game is outshoot of strategic genre. What one has to do is to match out pipes of same color together which would start the flow. As you advance game becomes more enigmatic you have to keep an eye on the paths of pipe as there collision may result in explosion of pipes and you have to sort out complexity with different colors.

I can play game individually and can also compete against the time. There are numerous levels and challenges which stick me to the game. I can play relaxed or tensed depending upon my mood. Winning is not just a winning but it also grants me with bonuses and other advantages. Sounds are funny. But they should further enhance sounds as to present the real ongoing situation. Game plays smoothly and there are fewer instances when it gets stuck or crashes. Though nothing is without bugs but Flow Free game has fewer. Well there are fewer chances that you will get bore playing this game as it is loaded with numerous stages and more stages can be downloaded as well but of course there is always an end. Now I would like to evince about the benefits of the game.

First of all it is really nice game to kill free time. I often play this game during this journey or waiting for my appointment with dentist. But the real benefit that is offered by game is that of brain exercising. It is really a good game to just me brain a good doze of exercise. It in fact uses my spatial intelligence, memory and as well as capability to perform in a tensed circumstances. It also helps to advance creativity abilities as now and then I have to sort out various convoluted problems. It gives boost to such abilities. So if you are planning to have a brain game then Flow Free is a good game to serve the purpose.

So sound, visual and game-play, everything is good then what‘s bad in the game. Well it’s nothing. Last but not least everything is free on this game. So just enjoy!
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