BlendrI am going to give an appraisal on Blendr app. Yup for the people who are busy bees and due to hectic daily routine of life it becomes most strenuous and grueling task to find the appropriate mate. So having such apps on your smart phones sometimes facilitate a lot. Everyone wishes to straighten out such matters as soon as feasible and plentiful apps on smart phones are serving the purpose. The app also suits those people who are little shy to initiate a relationship with opposite sex.  And a diffident person like me for whom asking for date is like belling a cat, such apps often come handy.

I would like to utter  that the app has really aided me in my pursuit of a partner. Detecting out the true partner in the modern-day has become draining experience for many. I have been through such experience where I am be fooled and pillaged by wrong claim of others but here I am not going to narrate my dating experiences rather I would be focusing on experience pertinent to the use of app.  Now using the Blendr app, I feel relaxed because of its ability to conduct search on the basis of locality. I mean I am made aware of any such personality nearby me through the app in whom I might be engrossed.

It’s not just a matter of finding the right date it’s the matter of life so such app should be bit cautious in a way they do their business. Instead of just prompting me about the people I am interested it should also evaluate the risks being involved while I am indulging with someone. But it is helpful in finding my date or what qualities or traits or characteristics might be the part of personality of the person whom I am dating. The compatibility feature allows me to end my search in a quick way. I can have the outlook of other person’s characteristic and can make decision whether such person suits me or not. The feature is no doubt of a great support to me. The feature on its own inventiveness works up and put forth a persona that fits well with my personality.

I would also like to give credits to it’s beautiful and attractive interface that sticks me to the app. The visual interface is just astounding. Every other day new people are added and it notifies me about those in who might attract me. There are millions of people identical to my personality and the app precisely sorts them out for me.

Now let’s chatter about some of the troubles that I have faced. Freezes and crashes are abundant in the app. I so often then meet with a crash. Sometimes I am unable to update my profile. I have reset my phone and sometimes even that would not eradicate the problem and then reinstalling the app is last resort.  They should further add audio call and video call option to the Blendr app. Without such options, the app may soon have to abandon its repute in the intense competitive market.
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