Bejeweled Blitz

Bejeweled BlitzBejeweled Blitz is another puzzle game for smart phones. Though there is much to improve yet i have liked the game and thumbs up for the app. First thing that I would like to talk about is that Bejeweled Blitz is a simple puzzle game. Like all other puzzle games the game goes it works on the same principles. Let’s discuss its unique features and evaluate it. The first unique feature of the game is that it makes connections and I can even play with my friends on Facebook. So it also enhances bonds between relations.

Making connections through it is really easy and fast. With few touches I can develop a connection. If you are of the view that playing at the same time being connected with others, then game this game is fine. I would like to start from the type of game. The kind of game is puzzle and you might be well known what a puzzle game really is. I am not going to add much detail to it as I have to give assessment on the game. Starting from the interface of the Bejeweled Blitz I would say that it is sleek, lustrous and smooth visuals are outstanding. I like those tiny, adorable, charming, shining and adorable gems.  Such graphics bump up the magnetism of the game.

Now let me have a chinwag about game-play.  The game is a complete fun for the time being. There are plentiful levels and challenges and difficulty advances as I qualify for the next level. This all compels me to play the game.  But unlike graphics sounds are not as better as they should be. Now I would like to exhibit a little of the benefits of the game. The game is not only my good companion when I am alone but it also boots my brain’s efficiency as well. It is simply a good app. Several things are there that can be made part of the game. If such factors are added to them it would make it one of the best. First of all the gems are not to be of equal quality.

Some gems should be of higher quality and when such gems are met more points are to be added than the normal course. So, if you are looking for getting some more points than definitely go for these gems. However, it wont be that easy for you to find and get these gems.

Secondly game should also allow a player to play with other real players. I mean it should have some sort of feature like multiplayer. This would not only increase the attractiveness of the game but would also help us to constitute new relations. You don’t need to panic about this thing that this puzzle game would be a boring addition to your list of games. Rather, trust me it will be one of your favorite game once you play it. The puzzle is very interesting. Make your life more fun with the best puzzle application.
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